Words Press Bookmark Poems Launch Party

September 27th, 2015

On Friday night we had a great turn out for the launch of Bookmark Poems with Roger McGough, Michael Horovitz, David Harsent, Ruth Fainlight and A.F.Harrold all reading their bookmark poem as well as a couple more poems each. It was a great evening at Worlds End Bookshop at 357 Kings Road.

Others read too. Mike Dobbs, Diana Crawshaw, and Jimmy Page’s girl friend Scarlett Sabet also read/performed poems of their own. Not often (I think and hope !) do I dare brag about stuff Anna and I organise/publish/produce – but the night of Sept 25th at World’s End Bookshop was something special. Scarlett  tweeted it as a ‘beautiful, beautiful evening’ .  Jimmy Page and our good friends Ali and Giles Bird crowned it for us by buying a signed set of the bookmarks each – which reminded me that the idea was to sell a few sets of the bookmarks as well as have a good time. I reckon we achieved both. Giles Lyon, owner of Worlds End Bookshop, was magnificent, as always,  creating a fabulous, skin tingling atmosphere. Megan, his assistant, was also magnificent, plying guests with wine, taking the money from sales etc etc.. I thank them all.  Perhaps we are, at last, at the dawn of a new time of interest in poetry. The place was packed with a younger generation interested in poetry – Scarlett is just 25. My daughter Olivia Moune, who designed the bookmarks, was up from Brighton to see her work properly honoured and enjoyed – as were many others of her generation. I do believe poetry is having a serious revival and I drink to that – long may it last. Possibly it will last long enough for another series of Bookmark Poems, and another party to launch them !

Boomark Poems

September 17th, 2015

Quick post just to say that on September 25th at Worlds End Bookshop, 357 Kings Road, London SW3 5ES Words Press is hosting a launch party (6.30 – 8.00pm) for our recent publication of a series of Bookmark Poems by such greats as Brian Patten,Jenny Joseph, Iain Sinclair, Jeremy Reed, Roger McGough, Michael Horovitz, A.F.Harrold, Andrew Motion, Ruth Fainlight and others. All poems first published. Come and have a glass of wine and meet and hear one or more of the poets read some poems.

Bookmark Poems

May 3rd, 2015

We have recently completed publishing a series of bookmarks, each with a previously unpublished poem by a well known contemporary British poet down its length . I sent out 450 letters , one for each bookseller listed on the Booksellers’ Association mailing list, and have received 2 replies. A disappointing response !  Perhaps this is why poetry flails about in the side alleys of literature, drowned by all these prizes for novels. The poets we are publishing are Brian Patten, Wendy Cope, Jeremy Reed, Iain Sinclair, Roger McGough, Ruth Fainlight, A.F.Harrold, Jenny Joseph, David Harsent, Lachlan Mackinnon, Michael Horovitz and Andrew Motion. A complete set of these bookmarks, 12 in all, is available from Words Press, at the Nangle Rare Books address, for £4.85 post free. There is a limited signed edition, too. Just 99 copies of each bookmark signed by its poet. These sell as a set, also,  for £72.00 A sound investment, and a joy to possess.


February 28th, 2015


Publication of 12 Bookmark Poems during the summer of 2015.
Brian Patten ‘Mr Ifonly’
Wendy Cope ‘A Little Tribute to John Cage’
Jeremy Reed ‘Slicing a Clementine’
Iain Sinclair ‘Shallow Excavations’

Roger McGough ‘ Mr Pollard’
Ruth Fainlight ‘Time and Function’
A.F.Harrold ‘Spots and Dots’
Jenny Joseph ‘Two Journeys’

David Harsent ‘The Usual Suspect’
Lachlan Mackinnon ‘History’
Michael Horovitz ‘The Food of Love’
Andrew Motion ‘Three O’Clock in the Morning’

Bookmark Poems are available as a complete set only.

For details of prices, terms, and discounts for single or bulk orders of the series please email

York Book Fair

September 21st, 2014

Have recently returned from York Book Fair. Found it a bit disappointing, in truth. Thousands of books, many priced at levels I couldn’t begin to consider purchasing. But found some nice Robert Gibbings and other illustrators books. A sweet Ardizzone written by E. Farjeon and inscribed by her.

Freedman and Bawden dust jackets

September 21st, 2014

Just purchased a nice raft of 1930′s and 1940′s books with Barnett Freedman and Edward Bawden dustjackets. Nice condition too. Check out my website in a day or so and you’ll seem them listed

Unlearnt Lessons – a poem for those caught in the war zones of the world

August 23rd, 2014


Is it so much to stay in touch
With the wild while every second a child
Is slain in a conflict where leaders daren’t reflect
On the consequence of some pitiful advance?

Battered by arms without warning or alarms
The innocent die without chance to cry
Out from deep in the war zone. Yet here am I alone
Surrounded by streams and golden fields – dreams
To the hounded refugees, the world deaf to their pleas.

Disgusted I breathe in my homely nature, thieve
Every minute of peace I can muster, release
The tension of news casts; full of clips of abuse,
Settle in the moment for as long as a moment,
Clamour amidst a cloud of butterflies for an end to the lies
That stretch across aeons of unlearnt lessons.

22nd August 2014

New Catalogue

August 18th, 2014

Am just putting the finishing touches to a new catalogue of rare books and ephemera. I have some interesting Thomas Hardy, some High House Press books (published in Shaftesbury, Dorset) Some John Buckland Wright proof engravings and some Barnett Freedman Christmas Cards. There are also some very nice issues of the art magazine Verve, with issues devoted to Bonnard, Picasso, Braque and Chagall. The best link is to my website where all these items are listed. The Verve can be found under the editor’s name, which is E.Teriade. I must come back to this again more regularly – as am planning opening my house as a pop up shop leading up to Christmas, sometime in December, on one Sunday. I have thousands of First Editions and illustrated books of the 20th century. Just in is a copy of Julian Barnes’ Flaubert’s Parrot in very nice condition, unclipped dustwrapper. perfect copy really. I think I have priced it £150. Interesting that Martin Amis is appalled by his early books (see The Sunday Times this week).

Rupert Brooke

February 2nd, 2014

I am not on Twitter but if I was I would be tweeting furiously about having bought three Rupert Brooke autograph letters. Actually one is a postcard and pleasantly amusing, describing Cambridge as a mud heap, among other unlikely descriptions.  As far as I have found in my 40 year bookselling career Brooke letters, while not as rare as hens’ teeth come onto the market most infrequently. I have never owned one, let alone three, before.  All three are to a Miss Griffiths, written in 1911 and the postcard written in 1914 (now sold – sorry!) when Brooke was variously in Italy, Germany and England (at The Vicarage, Granchester). Reading between the lines I would say the letters were an attempt by Brooke to begin a courtship with Miss Griffiths. One letter in particular, however, could be described as important as he lists all the current literature he would recommend his correspondent reads. He cites Arnold Bennett as being probably the best novelist writing, ‘except of course for Hardy’, which I found gratifying as a Dorchester resident myself. He lists other writers, W.B.Yeats, J.M.Synge (especially Playboy of the Western World), H.G.Wells and numerous others as well worth attention. He mentions Thomas Hardy a second time when encouraging his correspondent to read his poems and The Dynasts, as well as the novels.  I haven’t catalogued the letters yet but anticipate them being priced in the  low thousands.  I have done a little research and found that a letter to Albert Rothenstein, auctioned in  2005, discussing his participation in the dramatisation of Comus by John Milton , fetched £2160. [See page 131 of The Letters]. These letters to Miss Griffiths, however,  are apparently unpublished.  Nearly ten years later has Brooke’s stock increased ?  I would imagine so.

The Two Roberts

January 21st, 2014

The Two Roberts are Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde, artists during the ‘New Romantic’ period just before, during and just after the Second World War.  Colquhoun’s ‘Poems of Sleep’  in the ‘New Excursions into English Poetry’ series is perhaps his most famous production but the two men, who were close companions throughout their lives, worked together closely, as can be seen by the sketch book I have recently purchased. Both men have signed their surnames on the cover.  At the time the sketches within this notebook were drawn they were living in Italy;whether on holiday or permanently I  do not know, perhaps someone can enlighten me.  There are about 30 sketches in the book, many of a female clad in what appears to be Roman style clothing and head gear. There are also some sketches of the face of a cow, or bull, and one or two of people with a horse.  Some of the sketches of women are of them bare breasted.  This is a unique piece of mid 20thC art history. It is priced £4500 if anyone should wish to buy it.